Weak Prostate-What are Symptoms?

by Sally on August 27, 2010

Several problems can develop with the body when dealing with a weak prostate. In addition, the prostate gland is attached to the urethra which causes urination problems. Many men are not aware of having an enlarged prostate because of not noticing any symptoms.Signs of a Weak Prostate

There is a possibility that men will not notice any signs when dealing with an enlarged prostate. Noticeable symptoms of a weak prostate are leaking urine, dripping urine after urinating, feeling the need to urinate, difficulty with urinating, blood in the urine, excessive urinating and experiencing a feeling of urgency to urinate at unexpected times. As the size of the prostate increases, males will develop more painful symptoms. Other symptoms males will experience are bladder infections, bladder stones, blood in the urine, blockage to the urinary tube (inability to urinate), back pressure, kidney damage and lower back pain. Every person with a large prostate will not have the same experience. Also, there is a possibility that the person may not have any symptoms.

Males who are dealing with weak prostate may experience an increase in prostate size. On the other hand, a size increase of the prostate does not ascertain the severity of the condition. Some men with a large prostate do not have any symptoms. As well as, a man with a small prostate could experience blockage and exhibit symptoms associate with an enlarged prostate.

Men should schedule an appointment with a physician when having suspicions of an enlarged prostate. If the appearance of blood in urine and experiencing lower back pain are signs of a serious condition then seek medical attention immediately. In addition, losing the ability to urinate is a serious condition and will need to seek medical attention. Some cases of prostate will not require treatment. There is a possibility of having to be under doctor care for observation. As well as, minor cases of the condition may not require surgery and a possibility of the body healing without medical treatment.

There is medication available for treating enlarged prostate. Also, men who experience an increase in prostate will benefit from taking medication. Knowing the symptoms of a weak prostate will help with treating the condition.

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