Weak Bladder Men Want Answers

by Sally on September 30, 2010

When suffering from a weak bladder men often feel a great deal of embarrassment and shame, feeling helpless when an over active bladder causes the sudden need urinate or the inability to stop urination. It is estimated that 3.4 million men in the United States are effected by urinary incontinence. This condition is a result of sudden involuntary contractions in the muscles of the bladder or weakness in the muscle structure that normally prevents bladder leakage.  Weak Bladder can be the result of medical conditions like diabetes, an enlarged prostate, or Parkinson’s Disease. However some cases can be tough to locate a cause for. There are several lifestyle modifications that can be used in treatment of the condition.

If they have a weak bladder men can try such changes as fluid restriction by trying to spaceWeak Bladder Men out the fluid they intake during a day, and avoiding fluids a few hours before going to bed. It is important to remember that proper hydration is important since dehydration can lead to bladder infections that can worsen a weak bladder. Avoidance of caffeine is also one of the recommended modifications since it has been found to irritate the bladder and make symptoms worse. In addition to Caffeine men may want to also limit their intake of alcohol which is a diuretic and increases the need to urinate.  Dietary changes such as cutting back on artificial sweeteners, spicy or acidic foods and chocolate have been found to help in some sufferers.

In cases of weak bladder men may also attempt Biofeedback, which involves the patient watching a monitor in their doctors office to give the patient real time feedback on muscle contractions in their bladder that can allow them maybe with time to learn how to relax their body and take control of their incontinence. Certain exercises like Kegel can also benefit suffers and help with bladder retraining.

If they are worried about the visible affects of weak bladder men have a variety of choices, from pad and underwear options designed for all levels of systems to External catheters Similar to a condom that catch urine. They’re attached to drainage bags that can be hung over the side of your bed while you sleep, or strapped to your body under your clothes during the day. It is important to remember this condition is medical in nature and not a matter of self control. Although the condition is more prevalent in older adults it should not be seen as a normal result of aging and suffers should speak to their doctors regarding the best treatment options.

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