An Overactive Bladder Shouldn’t Control Your Life

August 29, 2010

Incontinence is embarrassing, and often time unavoidable as we naturally age. Most commonly known as an overactive bladder, the signs and symptoms associated with it are key in knowing if it is something you, or someone you love suffers from. 1 out of 11 adults located in the US suffer from its embarrassing effects. While […]

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Weak and Overactive Bladder–Causes and Effective Treatments

August 28, 2010

Often referred to as urge or urinary incontinence, an overactive or weak bladder can cause incontinence (abrupt and usually unstoppable need to urinate) and/or frequent urges to urinate despite having a nearly empty bladder. As many as 1 in 11 adults are said to be affected by a weak bladder. Anyone can experience it; however, older adults are more commonly […]

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Weak Prostate-What are Symptoms?

August 27, 2010

Several problems can develop with the body when dealing with a weak prostate. In addition, the prostate gland is attached to the urethra which causes urination problems. Many men are not aware of having an enlarged prostate because of not noticing any symptoms. There is a possibility that men will not notice any signs when […]

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